Will UKIP overshadow Cameron’s big day?

Will UKIP overshadow Cameron’s big day?

As the focus is on a defector, Dave is set to make the NHS the centre piece of the election.

Coupled with the seven day a week GP promise announced yesterday, it is clear what the Tories will be focussing upon. I suspect the NHS will form a key part of the election battle. It will be risky business for both the Blues and Reds. David Cameron will constantly have the breaking of his “no more top down reorganisation” promise being referenced by his opponents, whilst the Blues will undoubtedly mention the events in Stafford and the Labour run NHS in Wales.

This may also be an attempt to blunt any UKIP defection. Nigel Lawson famously said “The NHS is the closest thing the English have to a religion.” Cameron may well argue, that whilst UKIP talk about all things Europe, he is talking about the things matter to key voters.

One of David Cameron’s most impressive achievements was to make the Tories the most trusted with the NHS. He may well be attempting a repeat performance.

On the defection front, The Times are reporting (££)

Nigel Farage stoked rumours of further defections to Ukip last night by announcing a mysterious event timed to coincide with David Cameron’s conference speech.

The Ukip leader would meet “somebody of interest” today in Bristol, sources said. The party promised to reveal the news this morning before holding a press conference just before evening news bulletins.

As Corporeal noted on twitter yesterday.

Unfortunately Ladbrokes have pulled their next MP to defect market, but William Hill have on how many MPs will defect.

Note, the terms of this bet How many sitting MP’s will defect to UKIP between the dates of the Clacton By Election and the UK General Election due in May 2015.

So any MP who defects today won’t count for the purposes of this bet.


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