And now… our inaugural New Year’s Day Crossword

And now… our inaugural New Year’s Day Crossword

It is with some considerable trepidation that I step into the estimable shoes of stjohn, who has provided us with splendid Christmas Day cruciverbalism for the last six years.  Fear not, stjohn is merely resting, and may well be setting more puzzles in future.  If this offering gets his famous “nod” then we may even collaborate on a jumbo sometime!

Traditionally members have supplied the answers (and explanations of the wordplay) in the comments, so consider this a spoiler alert and a word of warning not to scroll down if you want to have a crack at it on your own first.  If you’d prefer to print off a copy then you can do so here.

A very Happy New Year to lurkers & posters alike, and all good wishes for 2014.

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