Leader ratings 18 months before an election

Leader ratings 18 months before an election

I thought it might be useful how Ed and Dave compare to their predecessors as Leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister, eighteen months prior to a General Election.

First onto the Leader of the Opposition net ratings with Ipsos-Mori, eighteen months before the General Election. A few caveats about this data. 

I’ve included Iain Duncan Smith’s final rating, before he was removed as Tory Leader, Michael Howard’s rating, is his first rating as Leader of the Opposition.

Overall, it is fair to say, Ed Miliband’s ratings are the towards the bottom of the table, he compares to those leaders who are generally regarded as the worst post-war Leaders of the Opposition, Michael Foot, William Hague and IDS, none of whom ever went onto be Prime Minister.


Onto the Prime Minister ratings, a few of caveats to this data, I’ve included Margaret Thatcher’s ratings from October 1990 and also included John Major’s first ratings, for completeness

Gordon Brown’s ratings in November 2008, were boosted by the credit crunch, in the period either side of the crunch, his ratings were recording breaking dire.

Overall, David Cameron’s ratings at this time, rank him mid table when compared to his predecessors, leaders with better ratings, went onto lose the election, leaders with worse ratings than him, went on to win the election.

It is fair to say, neither Dave or Ed can match their more successful predecessors, the 2015 General Election, when it comes to the leaders, it may be the case of the resistible force meets the moveable object.


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