Sunday Morning Polling Round Up

Sunday Morning Polling Round Up

There were a couple of polls out last night, both seeing UKIP score figures they haven’t hit since the summer, after their success in the local elections. I think with Dave talking about the expected immigration from Romania and Bulgaria this week gone, can probably explain UKIP’s increase. Interestingly Labour’s share of the vote falls in both polls, and the Tories vote in just one.

With both YouGov and Opinium, Dave’s personal ratings have fallen, more than Ed Miliband’s personal ratings. Opinium ratings (changes from last time) Cameron minus 18 (-3), Miliband minus 23 (-1), Clegg minus 46 (-2) YouGov ratings (changes from last week) Cameron minus 18 (-5) Miliband minus 33 (-2) Clegg minus 50 (+1)


Non-BPC pollster Progressive Scottish Opinion have published their poll on Scottish Independence


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