How WH2012 would have finished up if only white men had voted

How WH2012 would have finished up if only white men had voted

We’d probably get a similar pattern in the UK

I find the chart above absolutely fascinating although not surprising.

In the US, of course, the Democratic party colour is blue and the Republican one red. So the message is that it would be President Romney now if the franchise has been what it was before the 15th Amendment, restricted to white men.

Given what we know of the way ethnic minorities and women vote in the UK I guess we’d have had a similar, but not so pronounced, and pattern in the UK at GE2010. Certainly the Tories would have come home with a reasonable working majority.

Currently we see that UKIP tends to attract more support from men than women and although I’ve not seen a breakdown I assume that it has made significantly less progress with ethnic minorities.

David Cameron, to give him his due, made big efforts the early days of his leadership to bring on more women and non-white candidates. This wasn’t entirely popular with his party but he clearly saw the need for change.

The US chart is a reminder that societies evolve and political parties need to adapt.

Mike Smithson

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