The issues: Which parties are seen to be best

The issues: Which parties are seen to be best

Will the Tory strengths trump the LAB ones or vice-versa?

The chart above shows the latest YouGov best party on specific issues tracker. Today’s figures are not remarkable but I thought it useful to post as a reference point.

It it perhaps worth pointing out that in the first year of this parliament the Tories regularly led on education and there was a poll where they were in the lead on the NHS.

The CON best issues remain the economy, law and order, and, of course immigration – ones which have a lot of salience. The Labour offensive in recent weeks has been to focus on cost of living issues rather than overall economic management.

What will be paramount at GE2015? There is an argument that as the economy recovers and the deficit moves down it becomes less of an issue.

Mike Smithson

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