Michael Gove: the next Tory Leader?

Michael Gove: the next Tory Leader?

There’s a piece by Benedict Brogan in this morning’s Telegraph about Michael Gove, where he writes about Michael Gove as a possible contender to replace David Cameron.

Earlier on this year he became the first Tory Cabinet minister to cross the rubicon, and announce he’d vote to leave the EU, something that will go down with some members of the Tory party, who ultimately have the final say on the Tory leadership.

As also Benedict Brogan notes, his recent attack on Ed Miliband also cheered up Tories

But Michael Gove as next Tory leader?

I can’t see it myself, when there has been polling on Michael Gove, it hasn’t been good for him, back in March

What was particularly striking was the proportion of CON voters, 37%, who said they’d be less likely to vote for a Gove-led Tory party. Osborne was at 38%.

But if you want to back  Michael Gove to be the next Tory Leader, the best available odds are 10/1, and he’s currently the third favourite to succeed David Cameron.


Note: Mike Smithson is currently on holiday

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