The Scottish Sun to “remain neutral” in next years referendum

The Scottish Sun to “remain neutral” in next years referendum

A blow for Alex Salmond?

According to a report in the Independent this morning Scotland’s biggest-selling newspaper, the Murdoch-owned, Scottish Sun, will remain neutral in the September 2014 independence referendum.

In a piece recalling Rupert Murdoch’s Tweet last year about Salmons being the “most brilliant politician in the UK” James Cusick sets out the latest developments:-

“..In a significant blow to Alex Salmond’s attempt to close the gap on the current substantial pro-Union lead, senior management sources inside News International in both London and Glasgow told The Independent that The Scottish Sun, which backed Mr Salmond in his landslide victory at the 2011 Holyrood election, is not looking to back the SNP ahead of the 18 September vote next year.

The decision effectively draws a line under a four-year charm offensive by Mr Murdoch towards Scotland’s First Minister and ends a friendly and unlikely alliance between the global media mogul and the pugnacious ringmaster of Scottish politics. The SNP’s failure to continue being supported by the Sun, which sells around 300,000 copies north of the border, will force a rethink of the “Yes” campaign’s strategy..”

It is always said that Murdoch likes to back winners and the current polling suggests that the YES camp has a struggle on its hands.

Punters make NO a strong odds-on favourite. The best you can get is 2/7.

Mike Smithson

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