What should David Cameron and the Conservatives do now to earn voters trust

What should David Cameron and the Conservatives do now to earn voters trust

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, David Cameron, says “There has been a barrage of advice this weekend following the Eastleigh by-election” he explains what he will do.

The Sunday Telegraph also have a selection of activists, MPs and academics in and around the Conservative Party telling what went wrong at Eastleigh, and what the Tories need to do now if they are to form the next government.

  • Bob Woollard, chairman of Conservative Grassroots says “Same sex marriage was a disconnect too far.”
  • Douglas Carswell, Conservative MP for Clacton says“Make the Conservatives an internet age mass membership party.”
  • Ruth Lea, economist and former director of the Centre for Policy Studies think tank says “Get back to what matters: the economy and immigration.”
  • Ben Howlett, national chairman of Conservative Future, the youth wing of the party says “We were stuck in the Westminster bubble.”
  • Richard Parry, chairman of Sevenoaks Conservative Association, in Kent says “Focus on Great Britain PLC and not fripperies.”
  • Cheryl Gillan, Conservative MP for Chesham & Amersham and former Secretary of State for Wales says “Cameron is a brilliant communicator: he can engage the electorate.”
  • Phillip Blond, director of the think tank ResPublica and the author of Red Tory says “Ditch Osborne and get in touch with the grassroots.”
  • Dr Anthony Seldon, master of Wellington College and author of several books on the history of the Conservative Party says “Carry on in Coalition – Conservatives must act in the national interest.”
  • Jill Kirby, social policy analyst and former director of the Centre for Policy Studies think tank says “We’ve spent too long not being the Conservatives.”
  • Keith Morris, chairman of Dover and Deal Conservative Association, in Kent says “The economy is the key issue and we are doing the right thing on that.”
  • Vernon Bogdanor, professor of government at King’s College London and author of The Coalition and the Constitution says “Ukip isn’t winning on Europe but immigration and there’s little Cameron can do about that.”
  • Peter Knibbs, deputy chair of Somerset and Frome Conservative Association says “Gay marriage has damaged us – but the economy will come to our aid.”
Whilst in the Sunday Times (££), Peter Kellner also offers his advice to David Cameron, he says

“Offer voters reassurance, integrity and prosperity, Dave, or it’s RIP to your election hopes”

And in this morning’s Daily Telegraph, Priti Patel says

If the Chancellor wants a big idea for the Budget, it’s actually a simple one. Two words: cut taxes.

What approach(es) should David Cameron take to earn the voters’ trust?


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