The Ipsos-Mori Almanac

The Ipsos-Mori Almanac

Ipsos-Mori have published their almanac for 2012, and it makes for fascinating reading, analysing the movements of 2012, and putting them into context and the problems and opportunities facing all the parties and leaders.

You can view it for free, here.

They note

the trigger for the Tories’ loss of support seems to have been the budget delivered by George Osborne on 21 March, or perhaps the “omnishambles” of U-turns and clarifications that followed it……

Gideon Skinner of Ipsos-Mori concludes

2012 seems unlikely to go down in the history books as a great political turning point. But it may turn out to be the first crack in the dam or, alternatively, be seen as the point when the coalition might have imploded, yet didn’t. With the next election probably more than two years away, much can yet change, not least in the economic situation which is so important to the political outcome.


The Opininium Poll for the Observer is out,

Conservatives 29% (no change)

Labour 39% (no change)

Lib Dems 8% (no change)

UKIP 15% (plus 1)


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