The anti-Romney attack ad that is said to have been the most effective

The anti-Romney attack ad that is said to have been the most effective

And news of the PB prediction competition

According to the Washington Post this was probably one of the most effective of the campaign. On YouTube it has had nearly three million views.

It wasn’t from the Obama campaign itself but one of the so-called “Super PACs” that was supporting him campaign without having any links to the official campaign itself.

As the campaign hit its peak negative ads like this were filling almost all the commercial breaks if you were trying to watch TV in the main battle-ground states.

What this particular one sought to do was to take Romney biggest perceived strength, his business experience, and make it into a negative.

Who knows how to measure these things but it is hard-hitting in a very restrained way.

The PB/William Hill prediction competition

We are going to have to wait until all the counts have been completed before we can work out the precise vote margin by which Obama beat Romney.

This will be settled on the basis of competitors making a clain if they think they might qualify for one of the three prizes. To do that you’ll need to send me an email here with the number predicted and the date and time on the your post.

It might be useful if those who think they might have got it contact me now.

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