A reminder about the party and some site announcements

A reminder about the party and some site announcements

Next PB get together at Dirty Dicks: Oct 25th from 6.30pm

Thanks to Fat Steve for once again organising this. We are having another informal get-together at the historic Dirty Dicks pub opposite the main entrance to Liverpool Street station in London. We have a dedicated are in this bustling ancient pub which has proved to be a good venue.

Things start from about 6.30pm though a few of us, like on recent occasions, will be arriving there a bit earlier to eat in the pub’s dining area.

These events have become a regular part of the PB scene over the years and the venue works well.

Whatever your connection with PB – whether you are a poster or not – you’ll be most welcome.

Any thoughts for November 6th – the White House election night?

Four years ago we had a great event in a betting trading centre near Kings Cross station. It was a really good night and several people have asked if we could repeat it.

I’m not sure about the availability of the venue but am looking for ideas.

The focus will be on the results and the betting so it won’t be a conventional party.

Sorry for the problems with Disqus

Edmund in Tokyo has been helping today trying to find a solution and we haven’t yet cracked it. Whenever we try to change the settings to what it was before the system accepts it but doesn’t implement it.

Mike Smithson

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