Could EdM be the only one left standing?

Could EdM be the only one left standing?

Does today’s news put Dave’s future in doubt?

Today’s dramatic announcement from the Crown Prosecution Service isn’t good news for David Cameron and must raise the prospect of him not making it through as leader to the general election set for May 2015.

    There is a growing anti-Cameron faction within the parliamentary party and there must be a possibility that this could add to it.

This combined with the growing chorus for Vince Cable with the Lib Dems opens up the prospect that the only one of the three main party leaders still in post at the general election could be Ed Miliband.

Is it going to happen? No idea but it’s worth a punt on Betfair’s “leaders at the general election” market. I’ve just had a little flutter on EdM only at 25/2 and EdM amd Nick Clegg at 12/1.

Whatever these prices have the potential to move in sharply.

Mike Smithson @MSmithsonPB

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