What, if anything, is Leveson going to say about Hunt?

What, if anything, is Leveson going to say about Hunt?

Could Cameron be put on the spot about his handling?

The hearing stage of the Leveson Inquiry into the media is drawing to a close with the prime minister, David Cameron, being today’s witness.

It’s perhaps easy to forget the prime purpose of the Inquiry which is to “make recommendations on the future of press regulation and governance consistent with maintaining freedom of the press and ensuring the highest ethical and professional standards.

The process, I’d suggest, has got somewhat knocked off course by the revelations in April of the emails and text exchanges between Jeremy Hunt’s SPAD and the News International lobbyist.

    Given the time that’s been spent on Hunt it’s hard to see how the judge can ignore this aspect.

    Yet he will want, surely, for this not to overshadow the recommendations he makes in relation to future media policy.

So is Leveson going to say anything specifically about Hunt and if so how and when?

My guess is that if he is going to do something we’ll get a an idea today.

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