Will Europe be the issue that will end the coalition?

Will Europe be the issue that will end the coalition?

The Times are reporting that

Tory MPs say Greek exit will force referendum

What gives this story a lot of credence is that Nadeem Zahawi, who is close (and loyal) to George Osborne, said on the record:

“If there is a requirement for a new treaty, which there must be, to deal in part with Greece’s exit, then it would trigger a referendum. We would have to make sure we would try and repatriate powers from the social chapter and bring those elements back to the British Parliament.”

Whilst another article in the Times says

Clegg: I won’t be part of EU veto government

Nick Clegg today issued a veiled threat to quit the government if David Cameron were to veto a future European Union (EU) treaty deemed necessary for the eurozone’s survival.

Tory MPs are predicting the Greek issue will come to a head shortly after June the 17th (the date of the Greek elections)

Perhaps it is time to revisit the year of the next election betting market, the only consideration being the Fixed Term Parliament Act of 2011.

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