How serious are Nadine’s threats against Dave?

How serious are Nadine’s threats against Dave?

Could the PM be ousted by his own MPs?

It is almost part of the political calendar – talk of threats to party leaders on the first Sunday after each year’s May local elections. Generally the reports are pinned on unnamed “senior figures” ready to brief but not go on the record with their concerns about their leader.

This morning it’s different. The comments are on the record and the dissident MP, Nadine Dorries, is touring the broadcasting studios telling the world about her concern over Dave and how he could be booted out by his own back-benchers.

On 5Live she said that the MPs in the will not “sleepwalk towards a next general election like Labour MPs did and watch their seats disappear because of bad policy.”

    If things did not change dramatically Tory MPs would start filing in their letters of no confidence in Cameron and look for a change of leader. “I happen to know this is already being discussed,” she warned.

On Dave and George she said “I don’t have anything against anyone who is posh, what I do have though is a problem when arrogance is mixed with privilege and you throw bad manners into the mix, I think that is a pretty dangerous combination.”

What makes these attacks more potent is that they have a ring of truth about them. She is just articulating what people in the party are saying in private.

Nadine has a serious beef against the way she is being treated in the boundary changes. Her Bedfordshire seat goes completely if things proceed as they stand at the moment.

That’s one of the problems with the seat changes. The losers are going to be more outspoken – after all they could be out of a job in May 2015.

Nadine is a highly vocal figure and having her as an enemy is going to make Dave’s life a bit more uncomfortable. Will it lead to his downfall – I’m not so sure


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