Suddenly the bookies have woken up to May 3rd

Suddenly the bookies have woken up to May 3rd

How many seats will Labour gain?

With just nine days to go before what are being described as the “Britain’s mid-terms” there’s a whole raft of new markets being set up by the bookies.

Until now virtually the only focus has been on London. Now many other options are available including the second biggest mayoral election – the choice of the first elected mayor of Liverpool from William Hill. Labour is the 1/10 favourite but you might have local knowledge.

The big focus on the night will be the total of LAB council seat gains and here PaddyPower is offering some interesting bets.

    Less than 500 –5/1
    500-599 –7/2
    600-699 –9/4
    700-799 –2/1
    800-899 – 4/1
    900-999 –6/1
    1000 or more –10/1

So if you believe the Labour spin that they are going to get about 300 then the 5/1 that it will be less than 500 looks fantastic value.

PaddyPower has also got “how many of these councils the Conservatives take control of: Portsmouth, Cheltenham, Colchester, Winchester. Can be minority or majority control. BBC recorded results will apply. Here the odds are:-

    None –8/1
    One – 5/1
    Two –5/4
    Three – 6/4
    Four –6/1

These are against the Lib Dems. Given the Tory collapse in the national polls could they be restricted to two or fewer? This is a market I’m going to study in detail.

There are also interesting markets on the turnouts in the various London boroughs.


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