Boris has a 6 percent YouGov lead

Boris has a 6 percent YouGov lead

The Greens look set to lose their assembly seats

There’s a new YouGov poll on the May 3rd London elections just out which has Boris ahead by a reasonable margin.

    Boris has 45% of first preference, Ken 40%, Lib Dem Brian Paddick 7% with UKIP’s Webb at 3 per cent. The Green Jenny is tying with independent candidate Siobhan Benita on 2%

    After taking into account second preferences Boris leads Ken by 6%.

Although the Boris lead is comfortable he was ahead by 8% in YouGov’s last poll a month ago. So all the fuss over Ken’s tax doesn’t seem to have damaged him.

On which candidate was “most honest and trustworthy”, it 25% Boris to 19% Ken.

So the poll is broadly in line with last week’s ComRes poll.

The Evening Standard report also suggests that the Greens could lose both their assembly seats.

These are some of my Tweets on the poll.

  • The YouGov Lib Dem poll The data is now available and will be covered later.
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