Will the 45p make Brand Tory more or less toxic?

Will the 45p make Brand Tory more or less toxic?

What’ll it do to Dave/George’s majority goal?

In a recent Indy column Mary Ann Sieghart reported on how Tory head of strategy, Andrew Cooper, is saying that about 10 per cent of voters agree with Cameron on the deficit, think Dave is a strong and fair PM, but don’t like his party and aren’t inclined to vote for it.

Sieghart went on: “..These voters still see the Tories as callous, out of touch, the party of the rich, and obsessed with issues that don’t matter to them, like foxhunting. Modernisation – or detoxification – still has a long way to go..”

That sets out the massive challenge for the blues – key parts of the electorate still regard the brand as being toxic and not a party they would vote for even if they do agree with much of the policy platform.

Unless Dave/George can eat into this grouping then it’s hard to see how a majority next time is going to be possible.

That is the context in which we have to judge the 45 pence tax rate.

Judging by today’s headlines and the way the budget is being reported Osborne got the presentation wrong yesterday. The OAP tax position was a case in point. When explained it’s no big deal yet that’s what’s driven the media narrative.

I think the blues are further away from a majority than they were before George stood up.


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