Ed and Nick get closer to Dave in MORI’s leader ratings

Ed and Nick get closer to Dave in MORI’s leader ratings

Why the improvements for Miliband and Clegg?

The focus on the budget in the past couple of days has over-shadowed the latest Ipsos-MORI poll with its all important leader ratings. These have been part of the firm’s polling for 37 years and the firm remains the only non-online pollster that asks this on monthly basis. The question is framed as – are you satisfied or dissatisfied?.

The latest numbers show the best ratings for Ed Miliband since last last summer when he had a recovery following the hacking gate and the associated developments.

Clegg’s ratings, too, see an improvement and are his best since the end of 2010.

Although MORI has yet to published the detailed data it looks as though both Miliband and Clegg have more support from non-backers of their parties than David Cameron.

Quickie budget poll from Populus. The Times is carrying it’s usual first reaction to the budget with poll from Populus. The reduction of the top 50p tax band was backed by 34% but opposed by 46%. The firm didn’t ask about the grannies’ and grandpas’ tax changes which is the one getting the most attention in the papers today.


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