Will it be all over if Romney takes Ohio?

Will it be all over if Romney takes Ohio?

The Mitt Romney band-wagon keeps rolling

After his wins last Tuesday in Michigan and Arizona the front-runner in the GOP race, Mitt Romney, had an emphatic victory in the Washington state caucuses overnight. Now he can look to Super Tuesday, the day after next, with some confidence.

For Rick Santorum losing Washington State is a big blow. He was well ahead in the polls there until only a few days ago and this looked like his post-Michigan fire-wall. With 93% of the precincts in the former Pennsylvania senator looks as though he will end up in third place behind Ron Paul.

The big battle on Tuesday is Ohio – a key marginal state next November and one that looked pretty good for Santorum. Romney is still behind in the polls but he has got the momentum.

If Romney does well in the other nine states on Tuesday and takes Ohio then the nomination, surely, is within his grasp. It is hard to see how any of the other contenders have a path to victory.

The betting has moved even further to Romney.


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