Who’ll win the referendum date argument?

Who’ll win the referendum date argument?

Will it be 2014 – or earlier?

There’s an ongoing row between the SNP and the coalition about the timing of Scotland’s independence referendum.

Salmond wants to defer it until October 2014 while the government would like it in 2013 when all the legal processes have been gone through.

Clearly both sides see advantage in their positions. The UK government thinks an earlier date will make it harder for Salmond who clearly thinks the opposite.

London has to play this very carefully because being seen to be too heavy with Edinburgh might just strengthen the YES side. To my mind a bigger issue is the wording on the ballot.

The SNP is wanting the vote on a Saturday in October 2014.

Stan James has a market on the timing making 2014 1/3 and 2013 3/1. That price seems about right.


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