PB NightHawks as another US state decides

PB NightHawks as another US state decides

Will this be Ron Paul’s night in Maine?

The state nominating contests are coming thick and fast at the moment and tonight we should get the result of a Maine caucuses. These have been going on for a week so began before Mitt Romney suffered his three-pronged blow on Tuesday night.

The big factor is that turnout is incredibly low which provides a great opportunity for Ron Paul’s hyper-active support base. There’s a good piece here by Mark Blumenthal and another by Nate Silver.

I’ve got a very little bet on Paul at about 2/1.

Some good news for Romney from the big CPAC conference in Washington. In a straw poll of attendees he got 38%, Santorum 31% and Newt 15% at CPAC

Have a good evening.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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