MrsB becomes the PB Newcomer Poster of the Year

MrsB becomes the PB Newcomer Poster of the Year

Now for the international section

When voting closed at the appointed time yesterday the person with most votes in the newcomer category of the PB Poster of the Year was MrsB. It was a tightly fought contest with at different stages three contenders being in the lead. The final result was:-

MrsB 201 votes
Old_Labour 196 votes
Beverley_C 192 votes
Mick Pork 101 votes
Uniondivvie 39 votes

Congratulations to Mrs B and all who made the short-list.

The election took place under what is known as the “Approval voting system” – see article here. Under this those taking part can vote for as many candidates as they wish. The winner is the one to attract most votes.

Now we have the next section of the POTY ballot – for the top poster based outside the UK. The short-list has been drawn up by a committee consisting of Peter the Punter, Sunil and myself.

Who has been the best poster based outside the UK on PB during year? (Vote for as many candidates as you wish)
Stars and Stripes
Edmund in Tokyo
Tim B

Voting closes at 6pm on Tuesday evening.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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