In the PB NightHawks cafe the talk is still the EU….

In the PB NightHawks cafe the talk is still the EU….

Does the Lib Dem “old guard” have too much influence?

Some interesting observations from Channel 4’s Gary Gibbon on the turnaround in the Lib Dem position on Cameron’s EU move. He writes:-

“..What was interesting talking to Lib Dem MPs today was how many of them actually didn’t have that much of a problem with the veto on Friday, or not a huge problem. One minister said there was a great gulf between the older peers down the corridor who’d had their formative years when Europe was the crunch issue and the younger generation who were not so attached to it.

Another Lib Dem MP I spoke to said he much preferred the earlier Nick Clegg take on events in Brussels – the original supportive statement on Friday – to the later, cooled down criticism…”

I’ve always said that grandees in the party have an enormous influence – I wonder whether that’s what’s happened here.

Anyway I’ve had a my second best betting day of 2011 – more on that in the morning. Meanwhile in New Hampshire in the early hours there’s yet another candidate debate – this time confined to the front-runner, Newt Gingrich, and Jon Huntsman who has gambled everything on a good showing in the state.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH

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