And tonight in the PB Nighthawks Cafe…

And tonight in the PB Nighthawks Cafe…

What poll questions would you like to put to PBers

A week on Tuesday we’ll taking the superb overnight hotel train from Paris to Madrid on our way for our annual “fix” of Andalusia. My plan is to switch off from PB completely and we are planning threads for the two and a half weeks that I’ll be away.

One thing we can set up in advance are online polling surveys to get the view of the PB community. Six or seven are planned I am looking for suggestions of issues that you would like to put. Please set out ideas on the thread below.

Apart from that it’s the usual easy-going format of the PB Nightbirds Cafe illustrated by Marf’s splendid spoof of the famous Hooper painting.

Have a good night.


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