Into the weekend in the PB Nighthawks Cafe…

Into the weekend in the PB Nighthawks Cafe…

Alas I won’t be joining you. I’ve spent most of the day in hospital after an accident in the garden which left me with a nasty head wound.

Just to say that the ambulance service was great and so were the A & E staff. At one stage they were going to keep me in but thankfully that wasn’t required. I hate hospitals.

What is great when you are sitting around for extended periods is being able to follow the site and surf the net on your smart-phone.

I’ve only just now caught up on the Cameron Today programme interview and it’s hard to know what to make of it. Since the riots Clegg has faced questions about his arson incident when he was in his teens so it’s hardly surprising that Dave gets pressed about his Bullingdon days.

Anyway a couple of Co-codamols for me and off to bed. Overnight David Herdson is in charge and no doubt he’ll have another insightful piece for the morning.


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