Is Boris making a mistake staying on holiday?

Is Boris making a mistake staying on holiday?

Could his decision hurt him next May?

The big riot follow-up story this afternoon is a meeting of Met chiefs with the home secretary, Theresa May, who has just returned from holiday.

Quite whether this was her scheduled return date or she’s back early we don’t know – but at least it gives the impression that senior ministers are taking this seriously.

Her presence in the capital after a worrying forty-eight hours for many Londoners contrasts sharply with Boris who, of course, faces London’s voters next May as he seeks a second term.

He’s still on holiday telling the BBC that he would not return yet as he had “complete confidence in the police”.

That looks like a serious mistake. What happened in parts of North London on Saturday and Sundays was frightening to residents and Johnson, of all people, should have been on hand walking round the worst hit areas both yesterday and today.

At the very minimum this would have provided reassurance. His excuses sound lame and give the impression that he really doesn’t care.

If Boris was facing a more formidable challenger than Ken Livingstone then his re-election could look more doubtful. Maybe he doesn’t care too much whether he wins or loses?


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