Which should we fear most: the riots or the financial crisis?

Which should we fear most: the riots or the financial crisis?

What’ll this do the Met’s battered leadership?

What a Monday morning. The riots in north London spreading with suggestions about the veracity of the original reports of the incident on Thursday that sparked off Saturday’s riots – and of course the financial turmoil across Europe.

The papers have no doubts about the main story – riots in North London which moved to Enfield last night.

If the latest reports about the shooting of Mark Duggan are correct then that is further blow to the Met whose leadership has come under extraordinary pressure in recent weeks.

The Guardian says it understands “that initial ballistics tests on a bullet, found lodged in a police radio worn by an officer during Thursday’s incident, suggested it was police issue – and therefore had not been fired by Duggan.” A similar report is carried in the Times and Daily Mail.

Meanwhile the financial markets open this morning following the action by the European Central Bank to buy Italian and Spanish bonds in an effort to create some stability. All this follows the down-grading of the credit rating of the US last week.

Have a good week.

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