Is this good news for “Huhne out next” backers?

Is this good news for “Huhne out next” backers?

Press Association via Yahoo News

Police seek possession of speeding tape

As trailed by Guido, the Sunday Times is reporting that it has been ordered by a judge to hand over to Essex Police a recording of Huhne and ex-wife Vicky Pryce discussing the speeding allegations – although the paper is said to be considering an appeal.

If the police manage to obtain the tape, this could bring matters much further forward – will the tape bring new material to light? Might there now be sufficient evidence for a prosecution to be brought, which would be bad news for the Coalition – or will the police decide that the case should be dropped?

    It’s been quieter for Huhne recently in the “next to leave” market, with Ken Clarke and Andrew Lansley in the spotlight, but this will put the focus right back on him – tonight he’s the firm favourite at 5/4 to be out of the Cabinet next, with Lansley at 5/1 and Clarke at 6.

Elsewhere in the Sundays, there’s perhaps surprisingly little discussion of Ed Miliband’s Wrexham speech, which may tell its own story (or else that it came too late for columnists to change their pieces). In the Telegraph, Tim Montgomerie argues that the Conservative 2010 intake is reshaping the party for the better, while the paper also reports ministers’ plans for a new crackdown on unions.

In the Independent, there’s an interview with Jon Cruddas, and a report that Cameron is pinning his hopes on a majority at the next election by going ahead with the High Speed rail project, which presumably will ease the coalition’s lack of “friends in the North” highlighted by Andrew Rawnsley.

Finally, the latest You Gov poll is out – no details on the site yet, but topline numbers are Lab 43 Con 36 LD 9, giving Labour its second best lead for a month.

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