ComRes: Just one in four believes Dave on the NHS

ComRes: Just one in four believes Dave on the NHS

Is the issue still toxic for the blues?

After a polling evening that has seen terrible news on voting intentions for the Lib Dems, a worrying picture on voters views of the economy and Labour, there’s are some tricky numbers for for the Tories in a ComRes/ ITV News poll on the health service changes.

This found that voters are extremely pessimistic about NHS reform plans and Cameron’s handling of them. A large number are calling for the latest plans to be scrapped. More than half (56%) do not trust the PM to keep to the promises he has made on the issue, while only one in four (23%) trust him to keep to his word.

In keeping with this distrust, just one in five (20%) believe that the NHS is safe in the Dave’s hands, with 54% who disagree.

Asked about the possibility that public sector spending cuts will not harm the NHS, two thirds (66%) disagreed. When asked if the Government should scrap the current proposals for NHS reform and start from scratch, 49% agreed and just one in five (19%) disagreed.

More than half (51%) think that Conservative Party’s plans for the NHS are just a way to privatise parts of the health service; one in four disagree with this (23%).

Finally, the proportion who believe that their local NHS services have got worse in the last three months has increased to more than one in three this week (38%), compared to one in four (24%) when asked the same question last October.

Not good numbers but broadly in line with what we’ve seen in other polling.

UPDATE: We now have the data from ComRes here and the poll had no past vote weighting which is the firm’s usual methodology for voting intention surveys. This generally favours Labour.

Mike Smithson

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