What are the books we should be reading?

What are the books we should be reading?

What are your holiday recommendations?

Just two weeks from today at about this time we’ll be arriving at our holiday apartment over-looking the Gironde not too far from Bordeaux.

I’m looking forward to this enormously if only because it will provide the opportunity to switch off totally from PB for the first time for seven years and do something I never seem to get the chance to do normally – read some books.

High up on my list is the Dominic Sandbrook account of the 1970-1974 period ‘State of Emergency’. The three elections then were the turning point in post-war politics when so much happened that continues to the current scene. My renewed interest was sparked off by the recent TV documentary on Heath and Wilson.

On the fiction side I’ve just discovered Charles Cunning who has a much acclaimed spy novel ‘The Trinity Six’.

But what are your choices?

Mike Smithson

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