Will Dave do to Lansley what he did to Spelman?

Will Dave do to Lansley what he did to Spelman?

What’s he going to say to Ed about the NHS reforms?

You don’t have to be much of a political pundit to work out that the main domestic focus of Ed Miliband’s questions at PMQs tomorrow will be on the government’s troubled plans for the NHS.

For not only will he have a raft of material from Saturday’s debate at the Lib Dem conference to refer to there’s also today’s decision by the BMA calling for the withdrawal of the Health and Social Care Bill, and “halt the proposed top-down reorganisation of the NHS”.

EdM will also have up his sleeve that commitment in the Tory 2010 election manifest that “there should be no top-down reorigsnisation of the NHS.

My guess is that we’ll get a sense of the government’s approach in tomorrow’s session. A holding response might be difficult.

We saw this before only a few weeks ago when Dave was pressed on the government’s forestry policy. He simply killed it with one terse answer to Miliband that that he wasn’t happy.

Mike Smithson

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