Angus Reid has CON 33: LAB 41: LD 12

Angus Reid has CON 33: LAB 41: LD 12

Poll Date CON % LAB % LD %
Angus Reid/Politicalbetting 25/01/11 33 41 12
Angus Reid/ 06/01/11 35 40 12
Angus Reid/ 20/12/10 35 41 9
Angus Reid/ 29/11/10 35 40 13
Angus Reid/ 28/10/10 35 37 15
Angus Reid/Sunday Express 01/10/10 35 38 16

More good polling news for Labour

There’s a new Angus Reid poll out as well and this shows the same broad trend that we’ve seen from other pollsters – the Tory share down a touch with Labour increasing.

Although the changes here are well within the margin of error, compared the firm’s last survey earlier in the month, the direction is clear. Labour is making progress at the expense of the Tories.

Unlike the other firm there’s no change in the Lib Dem total – although AR reported a three point jump earlier in the month.

A characteristic of the firm’s polling is that others are at quite a high level with UKIP buoyant and the Greens benefiting from the squeeze on the LD. The minor party split is UKIP 6, BNP 2, GRN 3: SNP/PC 3.

Unlike Ipsos-MORI the Angus Reid sample is past voted weighted according to what respondents did at the general election. The firm conducted a massive post-election survey of its panel last May and its the responses made then on how people said they actually voted which form the basis of its past vote weightings.

Mike Smithson

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