Has this been the coalition’s worst week?

Has this been the coalition’s worst week?

Is governing not as easy as it appeared last May?

What a political week it has been topped off, of course, with the sensational resignations of Andy Coulson and Alan Johnson.

Apart from this we’ve had amongst others:-

  • The defeat over prisoners’ voting
  • Unemployment rising markedly
  • Inflation move worryingly upwards
  • Fuel prices
  • The Lords filibuster against the electoral reform plans
  • The growing protests over the removal of EMAs
  • The reception being given to the NHS reform plans
  • Cameron’s alleged “betrayal” of the disabled child
  • My guess is that the most important are the underlying economic trends. People are starting to feel a bit poorer as what they can buy with with their incomes is less.

    I wonder whether this will be reflected in the two major telephone polls – by ICM and Ipsos-MORI – that are being carried out this weekend. Will we see further moves away from the coalition partners to Labour? On the face of it that should be expected – the questions are will it and what will be the scale.

    This morning I’m taking part in a discussion on these and other political developments on 5Live just after 8am

    Mike Smithson

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