Would Iain Dale be right for Coulson’s job?

Would Iain Dale be right for Coulson’s job?

Is he worth a flutter at 33/1?

Just looking down the possibles for Andy Coulson’s replacement and I wondered whether Iain Dale might be the man to take over.

He politically astute, a hard worker and he’s very familiar with the Westminster environment. During the 2005 Tory leadership race he was David Davis’s top aide.

As well as his blogging career, which he’s pulling out of, he’s a successful political publisher and a broadcaster. The only possible blot on his CV is his support for an east London football team called West Ham.

Apart from Iain at 33/1 I’ve no idea about the betting. This is the Ladbrokes line-up.

Ian Birrel – 6/4
Ben Brogan – 4/1
Guto Hari – 6/1
Trevor Kavanagh – 6/1
Danny Finkelstein – 8/1
Steve Hilton – 10/1
George Pascoe-Watson – 10/1
David Yelland – 14/1
James Landale – 14/1
Fraser Nelson – 20/1
Rebekah Brooks – 25/1
Iain Dale – 33/1
Nick Robinson – 40/1
Adam Boulton – 66/1
Richard Royal – 80/1
David Williams – 100/1
Paul Staines – 200/1

Mike Smithson

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