Is this a good day to bury bad news?

Is this a good day to bury bad news?

How much damage has this done Cameron?

So he was professional right to the end. With Tony Blair giving evidence to the Iraq inquiry and Westminster still stunned by the Alan Johnson resignation the former News of the World editor and then Cameron’s press chief, Andy Coulson has decided that today’s the best day to announce that he’s quitting.

By all accounts this is a big loss to Cameron for Coulson had built up a formidable reputation in the role. In the days of multi-sourced 24/7 news coverage the role of press chief is absolutely vital.

I must say that I’m surprised. I had expected him to tough out the ongoing inquiry in the way he has done so far – but things have got tighter since the return from the Christmas holidays.

What a huge feather in the cap this is for the Guardian – the paper that got the whole Coulson story moving in July 2009.

Mike Smithson

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