The Fourth Annual StJohn Christmas Day Crossword

The Fourth Annual StJohn Christmas Day Crossword


 1.  Knowledgeable source that makes nothing clear (6)
 5.  Greek island rejected tax on property (8)
 9.  Debtor’s right to pursue gold hidden by Gordon Brown, the author (8)
10. See 2 down.
11. Spring sees the first of Earl Grey’s reforms (6)
12. Victor is a National hero (8)
14. Hannibal got confused with Tory politician (7,5)
17. English historian and ex Tory MP on the radio (7,5)
20. Pleased with newspaper backing Paulson split universal banks (8) 
22. Facial injury caused by heartless Republican (6)
23. He cut overheads in government? (6)
25. Endorses MP or MEP for instance (8)  
26. Briefly Number Ten housed a cow (8)
27. Balls left him an ineffectual fellow! (6)


  2 and 10 across. Imperialist magazine once dismissed western politician (6,6)
  3. Bath he sat in to wet the baby’s head has special tap fitted (5,6)
  4 and 21 down. King made Fred the Shred wait around after he quit (6,3,5)
  5. Right away Forte produces strong wind! (7)
  6. Firm support for committee (5)
  7. Female Home Secretary following a promotion (3)
  8. Financial company involved in income laundering (8)
13. Nationalist set about dividing US politician and Paisley (11)
15. For a pudding, I love sherry trifle, King admitted (9)
16. Gay character revealed by two Prime Ministers, one briefly (8)
18. Knock back most of Noilly Prat at first, including one for the road passenger? (7)
19. Independent politician caught harbouring love for Liberal MP (6)
21. See 4 down.
24. Times editor’s first and last word (3)

A big thanks..

A big thanks to StJohn for once again adding to our festive entertainment with his annual crossword. This has now become a PB tradition .

Best luck and a happy Christmas to all PBers everywhere – lurkers as well as posters. The former outnumber the latter by nearly 10 to one.

Mike Smithson

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