Is Ed Miliband today’s big loser?

Is Ed Miliband today’s big loser?

Why the heck was Woolas made a shadow minister?

So now we have it. The case has gone against Woolas and we look forward to the by election.

But why oh why in the period between the hearing and today’s judgement did Ed Miliband appoint Woolas as a shadow home office minister? Surely he must have been advised that this could go against Labour?

As I wrote at the time the Labour leader’s decision simply didn’t make sense – for even if Woolas had not lost there was still a danger that Labour’s campaign tactics could have been slammed.

What sort of message does this send out about EdM’s approach to this ultra-sensitive area? And what does it say about possible future relations with the Lib Dems?

A serious mistake and one that could be used against the party in the coming by-election.

On the face of it Labour must start as strong favourites to hold the seat but it’s going to be fought furiously by all three parties.

Mike Smithson

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