Who won PMQs round 4?

Who won PMQs round 4?

Do both men need to spruce up their acts?

I was listening on the radio and maybe it seemed different on TV but neither David Cameron nor Ed Miliband seemed to do particularly well.

Cameron was snappy and is not as good as he perhaps should be at soaking up criticism. It was obvious that EdM was likely to raise the photographer appointment to the government payroll and the PM’s response didn’t really convince.

Clearly at a time of massive cuts every item of public expenditure is going to get questioned and he has to be ultra careful.

But there is a danger for the opposition leader here. This is his one platform each week and to bring this up sounded petty and perhaps the waste of an opportunity.

My guess is that EdM will try to get under Dave’s skin again – it does seem to be effective.

So my ratings: Cameron 3/10: Miliband 3/10.

Mike Smithson

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