Boost for Cameron in first “Best PM” poll

Boost for Cameron in first “Best PM” poll

Best PM ? All voters% CON voters% LAB voters% LD voters%
David Cameron 40 97 5 13
Ed Miliband 24 1 68 4
Nick Clegg 8 1 4 55
Don’t know 28 2 23 27

But is it just because EdM is relatively unknown?

We now have the first data from YouGov of responses to the “Who would make the best PM” question since Ed Miliband’s election.

This is one of those questions where the incumbent has a big advantage and even 5% of Labour voters rated Dave over Ed.

The interesting split is amongst Lib Dems where just 4% of backers of Nick Clegg’s party rated Ed Miliband against 13% for Cameron.

Still this is early days and it took David Cameron some time to get close to Tony Blair on this question after his election as Tory leader in December 2005.

Ed Miliband’s challenge is that he is much less known to the wider public than the other two leaders – this will change with time. But Labour might have been hoping for a bit more progress amongst Lib Dems.

Mike Smithson

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