The Labour leadership result thread

The Labour leadership result thread

Has Ed snatched it or did David hold on?
What looks like being the closest Labour leadership contest since voting was opened up to the membership finally draws to a close in Manchester this afternoon, with the result expected to be announced around 4.40pm.

Until the very final days of the more than four months of campaigning, David Miliband’s position as favourite went more-or-less unchallenged, with his odds at times implying a better than 80% chance of winning. That all changed yesterday and Ed Miliband has gone into today’s conference as odds-on favourite.

Beyond the main result and the margin of victory, the things to look out for will be whether the victor failed to win any of the three sections (or possibly even failed to win two of them), and the order in which the other candidates are eliminated – something which might have a bearing on their shadow cabinet prospects.

David Herdson

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