Why are the Guardian and the Telegraph the biggest losers?

Why are the Guardian and the Telegraph the biggest losers?

Newspaper June figures Year on change (%)
Daily Telegraph 681,322 -18.45
The Guardian 286,220 -14.82
The Times 503,642 -14.77
Daily Express 664,293 -8.94
Daily Star 809,992 -6.95
The Independent 187,135 -6.62
Daily Mirror 1,248,919 -6.12
Daily Mail 2,092,643 -4.93
Financial Times  391,865 -4.88
The Sun 2,979,999 -1.6

Is the coalition impacting on newspaper readership?

Above are the June newspaper circulations figures and again we see the continued erosion in sales at the so called “quality end” of the market.

This seems to be the same story every month though June, the first full month after the election and the formation of the coalition, seems to have produced bigger than usual year on falls particularly for the Guardian and the Telegraph.

A random thought is that at the election these two papers backed one of the parties in the coalition yet the outcome for each is not what they wanted.

The Guardian endorsed the Lib Dems only to find a few days later that their chosen party was doing a deal with the blues. The Telegraph gave their traditional support to the blues and now find a government where other influencers are in play.

Is the Guardian, I wonder, now finding it harder to hang on to its Lib Dem readership while the Telegraph is having a similar problem with Cameron loyalists.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it – but the big picture does not look good for almost the entire quality press.

Mike Smithson

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