And it’s the same broad picture from ComRes

And it’s the same broad picture from ComRes

ComRes: ITV News/Indy Apr 25 Apr 24
LIB DEMS 31% 29%
LABOUR 28% 28%

Another pollster has the gap narrowing

As the Guardian has broken the embargo these figures are now in the public domain.

What is the final poll for tonight has the blues dropping but shows the yellows moving to their best ever position with the pollster.

Looking at the detail 21% of Labour supporters and 8% of Conservative supporters at the 2005 General Election have now switched to the Lib Dems – quite significant proportions.

What’s clear from almost all the polling is that the Lib Dem bounce is still there and that the Tories will be feeling mighty uneasy. After all a 32% share is LESS than what Michael Howard’s Tories achieved in 2005.

There’s still eight days to go.

Mike Smithson

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