So was Cameron the “Comeback Kid”?

So was Cameron the “Comeback Kid”?

Who won 2nd debate? ICM AR YouGov ComRes Populus
Cameron 29% 32% 36% 30% 37%
Clegg 33% 33% 32% 33% 36%
Brown 29% 23% 29% 30% 27%


Clegg wins by three pollsters to two

Clearly there will be great relief in the blue camp about the outcome last night although, as can be seen, the message from the pollsters in their instant surveys was mixed. In terms of straight wins it was Clegg 3 Cameron 2 with Brown on zero although his performance was seen as being much better than last week.

These are, of course, quickie reactions and will frame this morning’s coverage. The big question is what this will do to the voting intention polls and we’ll need to wait until Saturday before getting a full range.

The Brown camp will be pleased with their man’s performance though his denial on what is in party leaflets on pensioner bus passes might be something that he’ll regret – for it does not take much for opponents to show that his statement was untrue.

The SNP was quick to circulate copies of the Labour leaflets from his own constituency and, no doubt, there’ll be spats for a few hours.

Majority betting NOM CON LAB OTH/LD
Ladbrokes 4/6 6/4 16/1 20/1
Political Smarkets 57% 39% 6% 3%
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