Is this more evidence that ComRes was a rogue?

Is this more evidence that ComRes was a rogue?

MORI Evening Standard Apr 20 Mar 22
LIB DEMS 32% 21%
LABOUR 28% 30%

Another poll – another third place for Labour

After the ComRes poll which had actually been completed on Monday night we now have MORI where the fieldwork ended yesterday. As can be seen it is in the same broad territory as other recent polls and adds further weight to the view that Lib Dem surge is being sustained.

ComRes and its nine point Tory lead looks distinctly out of line.

There’s good news for Clegg in the approval ratings as the Standard‘s Joe Murphy writes: “Mr Clegg is setting records for personal popularity, boasting a satisfaction rating of 68 per cent, compared with Mr Cameron’s rating of 45 per cent and Mr Brown’s crushingly low figure of 35 per cent.”

I’ll do a analysis on these key measures when we get the detail.

Tomorrow the yellow band-wagon moves into its second week and the election is only a fortnight away. Postal voting will begin in the next few days.

Mike Smithson

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