PB/Angus Reid has the Lib Dems up 10

PB/Angus Reid has the Lib Dems up 10

Angus Reid/Politicalbetting Apr 19 Apr 12
LIB DEMS 32% 22%
LABOUR 24% 28%

And Labour fall 8 points behind.

Fieldwork for the first PB/Angus Reid voting intention poll since the Thursday debates was completed this afternoon and shows sharp drops on last week for Labour and the Tories and a double digit increase in the Lib Dem share. This is the first poll today that has data from today and underlines the fact that the move to the Lib Dems is being sustained.

The 32% share for the Tories is the lowest ever from Angus Reid while Labour are down at 24%.

Who knows how this would work out in a general election but it’s becoming harder to forecast a Tory overall majority.

The full data will be available here this evening.

Mike Smithson

So the same story comes from another pollster

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