Is the Lib Dem surge being sustained?

Is the Lib Dem surge being sustained?

ICM Guardian Apr 18 Apr 15
LIB DEMS 30% 28%
LABOUR 28% 29%

And is Labour losing more to Clegg than the Tories?

So here we are – another poll confirming the big trend. The Lib Dem surge has survived the weekend and is showing no sign of abating.

It really is beginning to look as that there has been a step-change in opinion and this is taken place barely two and a half weeks before election day.

The comparisons are with the last ICM poll where the fieldwork close just as Thursday’s debate was about to start – so this is the first full post-debate ICM poll.

Guardian writer Julian Glover looks at the data and suggested that Labour and Tory hopes that the breakthrough is illusory are not borne out by the data. He writes:-

“The Lib Dems are picking up most votes from Labour, which is down eight points on its 2005 election performance which had been the lowest in recent times for a governing party. In today’s poll, the Lib Dems have gained twice as much support from Labour as from the Conservatives.

Further polls tonight are expected from Opinium and YouGov.

Mike Smithson

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