Now Labour drops a point with Harris

Now Labour drops a point with Harris

Harris (Daily Mail) Apr ??? Apr 6
LABOUR 27% 28%
LIB DEMS 22% 20%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 6.5% 6%

This morning we reported the new Harris poll in the Metro that had Labour up a point. There’s now a new survey from the firm for the Mail tomorrow that has the party down a point.

So we have a ten-point lead for the blues and Labour only one point up from what Angus Reid was showing.

There is no detail yet of fieldwork dates and Harris polls have been slightly quirky on this count. The Metro poll this morning took a week to complete.

There’s the YouGov poll still to come tonight and tomorrow evening I am aware of quite a number of surveys including a marginal poll from a firm that, unlike MORI, does past vote weight its samples.

Mike Smithson

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