Labour close the gap to four points with ICM

Labour close the gap to four points with ICM

ICM – Guardian Apr 4 Mar 31
LABOUR 33% 29%
LIB DEMS 21% 23%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 3.5% 6%

Could this mean that the red team will get most seats?

There’s a new ICM poll for the Guardian just out where the fieldwork was carried out over the holiday weekend. The numbers, with changes on last week’s Guardian/ICM poll show a sharp increase in the Labour numbers to the point where it’s [possible that they could end up with most seats.

The big question now is whether this is supported by other surveys or is a blip.

Given all the other polling in recent days this is sensational and will provide a real boost to Brown as he prepares for his trip tomorrow to call the general election.

There are other polls due this evening.

  • My betting: When I heard earlier that there was going to be an ICM poll tonight I close down my Tory majority position on Betfair. Generally pollsters avoid bank holiday weekends.
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